Jonathon Andrew Roll

Drummer. Guitarist. Beat Maker. Producer. Instructor.

"I love swing, riffs, syncopation, melody, odd time signatures, non-time signatures ; ) harmony and creativity, but mostly I live to interact with and learn about the stories and musical interests of people of all ages and skill levels.  

Whatever your tastes or experience, when working with me, you can expect someone with an open mind who knows how to discover what you love about music, deconstruct technical challenges, celebrate your unique strengths and find your own voice on your instrument, whether it be the drums, the guitar or a laptop."

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People say...

"My experiences with Jonathon have been absolutely game changing. As a self-taught drummer I picked up a lot of bad habits over the years. Jonathon has taught me the importance of ergonomics and posture along with stick technique & tuning drums. This was huge for me especially after coming back from a major neck surgery. After only a few lessons with Jonathon I've become way more comfortable & confident in my playing to the point where even my bandmates have noticed my improvements right away. I don't have to work as hard so and now have more endurance and confidence. I would highly recommend taking lessons for Jonathon regardless of your skill level. He's extremely passionate, educated and hands down one of my personal favorite drummers in the Twin Cities." - Jeff Moen (drummer, Witchden/No Funeral)

"Jonathon is a highly skilled and expressive drummer. His playing integrates a wide variety of styles, and is always rooted in strong fundamentals and excellent timing. He is a caring and compassionate communicator. I am confident he can help students of all experience levels achieve their goals on the drum kit." - James Duke (drummer, The Grow Fangs)

"Jonathon's musical skills and insights are invaluable to both the students and musicians he works with. In my own experience recording and making a record with him, his attention to detail and the nuance with which he approaches music is exceptional. Although Jonathon possesses a strong set of technical skills, his sense of musicianship and his willingness to play what's best for each song or piece of music is refreshing, especially in the world of rock and metal, where so many players are more concerned about flashiness than musicality. As a drummer Jonathon is accomplished in many styles of music and he reinforces this with a deep understanding and appreciation of the histories of many different musical styles as well as the evolution of drums and drumming styles accompanying each style. As a guitarist, Jonathon has an impeccable sense of melody and phrasing. His rhythm playing is precise and full. His lead playing is tasteful and melodic. As a producer and recording engineer, his attention to detail and his ever-growing base of knowledge have helped me personally grow as a songwriter and producer. Anyone looking to learn and grow as a musician, songwriter, or drummer will definitely benefit from studying and working with Jonathon. I know I certainly have." Kyle Blenkush (bassist/songwriter, Moving Waves/Living Through Ghosts)

"Jonathon has an ear for detail and he gets excellent results quickly. He has tuned the drums at my studio several times over the past few years with consistently incredible results. I’ve had the pleasure of recording Jonathon, both on drums and on bass. He has always impressed me with his deep understanding of his instrument and of musical arrangement, using that insight to benefit the project at hand. His production and engineering / mix work is always impressive." - Neil Weir (recording engineer/guitarist/vocalist, Bluebell Knoll/The Chambermaids

"Jonathon is an inspiration to me. His lifelong focus on the drums makes him not only a drum expert, but a passionate artist. He has been a very patient, accommodating instructor, allowing the sessions to be tailored to my unique needs and goals. He throws himself into his instrument and can guide others through the challenges they face." - Pat Broderick (drum student)

A big takeaway I’ve gained from playing music Jonathon is an appreciate of playing with feel, but also taking time in the rehearsal room. Really honing in on something, gaining chops, understanding the techniques that go into playing and really laying into a song or a groove is crucial to becoming a well-rounded player. With that foundation under the belt, laying improv and spontaneity over the top is what takes playing to the next level. I think Jonathon has an acute understanding and appreciation for learning, gaining chops, and delivering when it comes down to playing." - Dustin Tessier (guitarist/drummer/singer/songwriter, Timbre Ghost)

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